Binary Plan is a way of compensation system in MLM. Binary means '2' - this the reason why we called this plan 'Binary'?

A Business Associate can have two legs and that is called Binary. You will have a volume requirement on each leg in order to get paid and a balancing of volume from the A and B group (legs) in order to maximize your commissions.

Price: USD 399 for complete source code without any customizations

Binary MLM

Binary MLM Software Includes

Administrator Features

  • Dashboard
  • Members
    • Browse Member
    • Welcome Letter
    • Register New Member
    • Member Activate/Deactivate
    • Edit Member Profile
  • Products
    • Browse Products
    • Add New Product
    • Edit Product Details
  • Genealogy Tree
    • Genealogy Tree
    • Downline Reports
    • Direct Referral Tree
  • Payout Reports
    • Generate Payout
    • Payout Statements
    • TDS/TAX Reports
  • Plan Customizer
    • Binary Pair Income
    • Daily Ceiling/Flushout Limit
  • Database Backup

Member Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password
  • Change Security Password
  • Welcome Letter
  • Business Card
  • ID Card
  • Genealogy Tree
  • Downline Report
  • Direct Referral Report
  • Payout Statements


100% payment as advance.
Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer


Within 2 hours
after received your payment.


USD 50/single installation.
[optional service]

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